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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Job Description

Carrington Court is looking for caring, energetic CNAs to join its team. If you are a hard-working individual that is looking for a rewarding career then this is the opportunity for you.


1. Must be 16 years of age or older.
2. Must have prior work experience in caring for the elderly.
3. Must be in good health and properly immunized against infectious diseases including measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and diphtheria.
4. Must provide written proof of recent TB test or obtain within two weeks of date of hire.
5. Must have a Food Handlers Permit or obtain within one month of date of hire.
6. Must have current CPR and basic First Aid Certificate or obtain within two months of hire.
7. Must have current Certified Nursing Assistant license issued by the state of Utah.
8. Must be able to read and write English and communicate effectively with residents, family members and staff.
9. Must be able to read and understand facility policies and comply with them while on the job.
10. Must be prompt and complete the outlined duties assigned to their shift.
11. Must be able understand the needs of the elderly. Must exercise patience and the sincere willingness to meet those needs according to established policies and procedures, while at the same time honoring residents' rights and preserving individual dignity.


1. Assist residents with personal care; including bathing, dressing, oral hygiene and managing incontinence.
2. Assist residents during mealtimes: including seating them, serving, cutting up their food, verbal prompting and/or assisting residents with eating.
3. Monitor and document the activities of each resident on an hourly basis, utilizing the Activity of Daily Living (ADL's) sheet.
4. Administer first aid when needed
5. Assist residents with the use of adaptive equipment, including but not limited to; walkers, wheelchairs, eyeglasses, dentures and hearing aids.
6. Assist residents with personal housekeeping
7. Encourage residents to participate in activities. Assist them to the activity room as needed.
8. Encourage to socialize and interact with each other.
9. Allow residents choices, such as; what to wear, choice of beverages, what activity to attend, etc.
10. Encourage residents to eat meals in dining room.
11. Must participate in monthly In-Service meetings.
12. Maintain a good working relationship with all customers; including residents, family members, community vendors and staff members
13. Answer call lights in a responsive timely manner (within three minutes).
14. Assist in setting dining tables and helping clean up after meals.
15. Help maintain the cleanliness of the building, including; picking up items left on floors, vacuuming when necessary, putting away carts in kitchen, sweeping areas, etc.
16. Adhering to the dress code policy.
17. Being aware of Health Code regulations and following them while on shift.
18. Being respectful at all times to supervisors, using proper procedures in discussing concerns or problems through proper channels.
19. Assisting other staff members when asked
20. Using respect and discretion when discussing residents' issues, including; health, family, fears, etc.
21. Assist with activities during assigned times and during any extra spare time you have when not delivering care.
22. Will keep certification up to date as required by state.
23. Will not be involved in gossip of any


Competitive pay commensurate with experience and education

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