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Attention to Detail

Assisted Living Design at Carrington Court

At Carrington Court we are acutely aware of the unique physical, emotional and social needs of seniors and how the environment can play an important role in meeting these needs. Pat Brown, gerontologist, interior designer and founder of Lifespan Environments has used her years of experience to design Carrington Court to ensure that it is not only beautiful, but "resident focused" as well.

Carrington Court's Assisted Living design provides gracious living in a luxurious old European atmosphere. The amenities and conveniences at Carrington Court were all designed with seniors' unique needs in mind, which enhances our resident's lifestyles and affords them the freedom to enjoy life.


Age-related changes to the eyes sometimes make it difficult for seniors to distinguish one color from another so we selected a color palette that provides high contrast and is easily discernible even to those with diminished vision. Patterns and fabrics were given careful consideration as to their scale and clarity in addition to fostering an old European ambiance.

Colors have been shown to produce distinctive psychological responses in people, so we utilized this knowledge in our Assisted Living design scheme. Because we understand that seniors often feel cold, colors were chosen specifically to create a sense of warmth- amber, sage, teal, russet and peach.
Dining rooms and community activity rooms use bolder, more active colors which help stimulate appetite and energy levels, while a tranquil deep hue of sage creates a peaceful, calm atmosphere in the chapel / meeting room.
  • More muted neutral tones are used in resident units to help create a quiet, restful environment and enable residents to furnish to their own personal tastes.


One of the most common visual changes that occur among seniors is that the pupils of the eye become rigid and lose their ability to constrict and dilate. This creates a need for higher light levels and sensitivity to glare. We have addressed these issues in several ways with our senior living design throughout the facility.
  • Lighting fixtures were selected so that the light source is always hidden and glare is eliminated.
  • All of our lighting fixtures provide up-lighting which casts the light upward onto the ceiling and upper walls, maximizing light reflectance without creating a source of glare.
  • Upper walls and ceilings are all light in tone in order to maximize light reflectance.
  • High gloss surfaces were avoided in flooring and counter materials to minimize glare as well as risk of falls.


Hearing can be a challenge for seniors. Hearing aids can have difficulty filtering our background noise. This makes it difficult for seniors to communicate. We have addressed these issues in several ways with our Assisted Living design:
  • Walls between residences are soundproofed so that televisions and music can be turned up load enough to hear without bothering neighboring residents.
  • In order to encourage conversation and socialization among our residents, dining tables seat only four people, which put diners at a close enough proximity to be able to make eye contact and communicate easily with each other.
  • Even the fountains were selected because of their pleasing sound.


Carrington Court's senior living design provides a sense of openness to the outside world along with safe homelike security. Elderly residents may feel isolated and abandoned in facilities that are too large or too small. Carrington Court Assisted Living is large enough to provide many options to make dear friends but small enough that residents do not feel isolated.
  • Doors and windows open to the inner shaded courtyard with its soothing fountain and looped garden paths that lead back to the building.
  • Residents may easily navigate without long and winding corridors. We have provided seating, so residents may rest along the way if they want.
  • The fine dining room provides views to the outside with the option to dine outside in the courtyard.


Carrington Court's Assisted Living design affords maximum independence for seniors. We understand that freedom and independence are some of our resident's most cherished values. We encourage them to retain their autonomy for as long as possible.
  • Universally designed door and cabinet hardware is used throughout, which is easily operated even by those with severe arthritic conditions.
  • Resident apartments provide an in room refrigerator and microwave which enables residents to prepare snacks and small meals in their own apartments.
  • Bathroom support bars, shower seats with hand-held shower heads, and even our plumbing fixtures were selected to enhance safety and autonomy.
  • Each apartment has an individual room thermostat so a resident need never feel too warm or too cold.
  • Our spa and fitness center is outfitted with equipment specifically designed for seniors and entices our residents to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Corridors provide interesting yet sheltered walking routes with intermittent seating throughout to provide resting points.
  • A resident laundry is provided on site so that residents or their families may do their own laundry if they wish.


Carrington Court's Assisted Living interior design selected furniture not only to create a beautiful, comfortable, homelike environment, but also to support the physical changes that accompany the aging process.
  • Seating throughout the facility has sturdy arms and firm, high seats which assist older people in rising from a seated position.
  • Dining chairs are light enough to move easily, but do not have casters, which can be extremely dangerous to elders.
  • Dining tables are extremely sturdy, which allows residents to lean on the table edge to assist in rising without fear of the table tipping.

Emotional and Social Needs

Most important Carrington Court Assisted Living provides a sense of welcome and belonging, which is fundamental to quality of life. Our senior living design has many amenities that help Carrington Court become home to our residents.
  • Many wonderful indoor activity spaces, street scape with its general store, salon, movie theater and spa, courtyards and outdoor gardens encourage mingling among residents.
  • The Library is stocked with classic books, condensed novels, and large type books to enable residents to continue to enjoy literature.
  • In addition to those in our game room, our Library also houses a game table for board games or card playing.
  • The theater provides a great space for enjoying group movies and sharing televised events such as Jazz games and the Olympics.
  • The Hair Salon provides the convenience of professional stylists and barbers without even having to leave the building.
  • Residents are encouraged to participate in our active recreational program which includes many options to satisfy a wide range of interests.

Peace of Mind Security

While maintaining our residents' privacy Carrington Court's Assisted Living design provides a safe and secure place to live.
  • Our facility is secured and monitored to prevent confused residents from departing without assistance.
  • Resident authorized visitors may access the facility at any time.
  • Unwanted individuals are denied access to the facility.
  • Entrances, hallways and common areas are secured and monitored by close circuit television cameras so that residents are safe and sound.

Family Friendly

While our residents often become like family to one another we have designed Carrington Court to be a home where our residents may enjoy their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and friends. Carrington Court's senior living design is Family Friendly.

  • Our Private Dining Room enables our residents to enjoy family meals and private celebrations.
  • Our General Store provides convenient access to the necessities that our residents are most likely to need. It's also a great place for residents to treat themselves or their grandchildren to a sweet treat while reminiscing about their childhood trips to the corner store for penny candy.
  • We encourage our residents to bring their families and friends to their home at Carrington Court Assisted Living where they may enjoy family gatherings in the large (1800 sq. ft.) Activity Room with kitchen facilities.
  • We encourage families to come to our monthly family activities which have included holiday parties, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Luaus and other great activities.
  • We have provided "family rooms" where great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and children may enjoy each other with games and socializing.
  • Families and friends may have a barbeque in one the courtyards

As you can see, Carrington Court's Assisted Living design was created to provide so much more than just a beautiful home. Our residents are our central focus and we've designed this facility with them in mind!

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Assisted Living

Seniors who require help from time to time but wish to maintain their independence are good candidates for assisted living.

Carrington Court's Assisted Living community is designed for seniors who require assistance in some aspects of daily living. This assistance can include help with mobility, transportation, medication administration, personal grooming and hygiene, incontinence management and more. Carrington Court offers care plans designed to suit the specific needs of each resident.

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Memory Care

Seniors who have memory impairments, dementia, or Alzheimer's disease are great candidates for memory care.

Carrington Court's Memory Care Community is designed to support seniors suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or other memory disorders. While safety and security are the primary concern, care plans are also customized to the individuals' needs and the family's wishes. Resources such as Alzheimer's support groups are often available to assist loved ones.

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